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About Atterx

Antibiotics are among the most commonly prescribed drugs, and have saved millions of lives since they were introduced to patients many decades ago. However, they are frequently overused and can be improperly prescribed. As a result, bacteria that were once easy to treat with antibiotics are now changing and becoming resistant to them. Some experts feel we have entered a post‐antibiotic era where common infections are becoming untreatable.


Atterx is developing novel products that prevent and treat antibiotic-­resistant bacterial infections:


  • C-1205 utilizes bacterial interference technology to prevent catheter associated urinary tract infections. Atterx has an IND on file with the FDA and is poised to enter a combined Phase I/II clinical trial.

  • GN-4474 uses the natural process of bacterial conjugation to prevent and treat infections caused by gram-negative bacteria. GN-4474 has been developed using this technology to target Gram-negative bacteria. GN-4474 has been shown to be effective in numerous laboratory experiments, in multiple animal models of infection, and it’s been proven to be safe in multiple animal toxicity studies. An IND filing is expected in 2024.

Multi-drug resistant infections have been declared national threats by both the US and the EU. The GAIN Act of 2012 has introduced market incentives for development of new antibiotics and the FDA has been tasked with expediting their approval.


As a specialty pharmaceutical company, Atterx has received initial funding to develop proprietary therapies for the prevention and treatment of multi-drug resistant bacterial infections. Atterx is following a proven clinical strategy, with key milestone targets in place. We bring an experienced management team to this important work with extensive expertise in all aspects of the pharmaceutical industry.

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